DUNLUCE PRESCHOOL


 - a qualified, experienced, energetic and creative Early Childhood Educator


- a great facility- well equipped with lots of room to play


- movement to music, drama, exercise, sports, singing and finger plays


- monthly themes and hands-on activities... everything from stargazing to baking


- Learning through play-educational learning centres that ignite your child's passion for learning


- Exciting fieldtrips - onsite and offsite


- A program dedicated to meeting your child's individual needs


- Preparation for Kindergarten


- Cooperative/Community-based playschool: a great way to meet new families and get involved in your community


Accepting students for our 2020/2021 3 and 4 year old classes which started in September . For more information please contact our registrar at 780-499-0232, or by email at:    dunlucepreschool@hotmail.com

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We look forward to seeing you and your little ones.

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Dunluce Preschool would like to let you know that the government has officially announced the closures of schools and daycares.


This means that we will be cancelling all classes at the preschool until further notice.


Once we are able to return we will communicate with you our plan to reopen.