Dunluce Softball, Affordable Fun

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Softball is alive and well in Dunluce Community League. Thank you to everyone that supported our program again this year. That would include the coaches, parents, equipment and registration assistants and, most importantly, the executive of Dunluce Community League.  We are so lucky to have a supportive community league.  There are many leagues in the City of Edmonton that do not have Softball programs but Dunluce is going strong thanks to the support of so many people.

Special thanks to all of our coaches who are developing young athletes and keeping them interested in the sport. We have one of the strongest softball programs in the North West Zone thanks to our coaches and supportive parents.

T-Ball (U6) #1 – Amanda and David Hansen           

T-Ball (U6) #2 – Clint Kostyk and Erik Shelley

Coach Pitch (U8) - Amanda and David Hansen  

Mite (U10)  – Jason Lafleur

Squirt (U12) #1 – D’Arcy Sommer

Squirt (U12) # 2 – Kirsten Kirwer

The Softball Program in Dunluce runs smoothly because of people like:

-      Rick Bradford for continuing to organize the 3-Pitch Tournament

-      Rob Melnyk for helping to organize and maintain the softball equipment

-      Al Chapman for mowing the diamonds that the city keeps forgetting

-      Maureen Ewart and her ‘crew’ for running the concession at the 3 – Pitch Tournament

And check back here for the Spring Registration date.



See you all next spring!    Loretta Wonitoy, Dunluce Softball Director